More posts, need more posts.

10 July, 2007

Yes Hymes, I know….if only I had as much to say as you do!

Where to start after a long silence such as mine? I hate it when ppl apologize and make excuses for blog silence, so I won’t do that. If you’re sick of loading an unchanged page, I have one word for you: RSS. (Mom, I’ll help you set it up.)

Well, this blog is about my latest obsession, so how about an obsession check. First, the usual cast of characters.

Photography: Stagnant — sigh. Should get better when I visit my family at the end of the month, because my aunt wants me to do portraits of them. I find it hard to keep my eye open (if that makes sense) if I don’t carry the camera every day, and I find it hard to carry the camera every day when my eye isn’t open.

Baseball: On an upswing. You see, it seems that the Cubs are in second place and have a bit of momentum going into this here All-Star Break. And they were in town last week and I went to three consecutive games. I knew from experience that this is about 0.5 games too many, but I had been so baseball-deprived that it actually felt really good. I hadn’t been following too closely before that. There are so many new guys I had never seen play…and it’s hard to keep up with who’s who when all you have is names spoken on the radio….but now that I’ve seen (and scored) a few games, they are a lot easier for me to follow. Boy, was I spoiled, a season ticket holder living walking distance from Wrigley Field. Not to mention the hot dogs. Maybe there will be nice-enough housing near the new stadium in DC….but then I’d be even farther away from NIH.

In AL news, I actually have some. I finally made it to Orioles Park/Camden Yards a few weeks ago, on an invite from a Yankee-fan friend (the visiting team). The game was miserable. It would have been a good bit of baseball to enjoy, except we got there late, there were two rain delays and it was ultimately postponed, in our haste we parked very far away, and on the way out there was a comically slow-moving train blocking our egress (47 cars, yes, I counted). But it’s a very nice park which contrasts beautifully with RFK’s shitholishness. And during one of the rain delays they showed a documentary on Cal Ripken Jr, about whom I knew only a little. Apparently he was the second pro baseball player to actually be an indestructible robot. (And it could be argued he’s the first, what with not yet dying of a degenerative nerve disorder.)

Knitting: Ha! It’s summer. And as much as I think every fall “Gee if only I’d started knitting over the summer I could have so many awesome Christmas presents,” mittens are far from my mind right now.

Blogging: As if you couldn’t tell where this one has been on my list.

Music: Hmm, maybe I should refill my iPod. And listen to it sometime.

Politics: Fuck them fuckers. (I’m still in outrage fatigue. Thank goodness for Comedy Central’s news shows.)

Research: Ah, research. Lots been going on. Collaborations mostly, all stemming from the paper and how to take the data to the next level. In a nutshell, in that paper, we looked at one type of genetic variation in two samples. Now a third sample is publicly available AND there are other types of genetic variation to look at, not to mention the stuff that is publishable but didn’t make it into the first paper cause we were in such a hurry. I’m doing all 3 of those things, as well as trying to finish a paper that I really oughta have finished last year before I started the now-published paper. So now it’s a year out of date, which doesn’t help anything. Lessee, four papers in the works…how’re we doing on those clones?

Yoga: If I left work just a BIT earlier, I’d make it to yoga more often. But, see above. Also, I drag my feet because I’m SO out of shape that I feel embarrassed about going. How ridiculous is that?? I’d like to run, but it’s 750 degrees in DC these days, and I have asthma, making it hard to breathe unless I want to run at 4AM. Which I don’t. In case you were wondering.

That’s all the obsessions I have tags for in my sidebar. Stay tuned for tomorrow, in which I reveal…the current obsession!


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