Sunday miscellaneous

4 November, 2007

— Why does Google still list itself as being beta??

–The sadness of losing DST and having it get dark earlier is mitigated for me by pomegranates. The Trader Joe’s in Chicago had the bad pomegranates while the Whole Paycheck had the best, but in DC up is down and black is white, and so yesterday at TJs I scored two huge, perfect, just-on-the-verge-of-overripeness 16-inch-softball-sized fruits.


I had my first pomegranate as an adult, I’m not sure how I was introduced, but bless you, whoever you were. This meant I was spared in my childhood from wondering how the fuck Penelope could go to Hades and eat only six pomegranate seeds. (I used to read Edith Hamilton’s Mythology a lot.) As friends can verify, once I discovered them I used to inhale them in one sitting.  They would even use this for amusement: buy Techne a pomegranate and get contact joy.

These days, on the advice of a Lebanese friend and coworker, I am less gluttonous. She watched me devour one at lunch one day and showed me how good the seeds could be with a little salt, so now I butcher them into a tupperware thingy, salt them just right, spritz maybe a little lemon or lime juice, and eat the seeds with a spoon. This means three fruits can last me a week, instead of three days. Which is cheaper; jeez, I’m not that old and I remember when you could get ’em for a dollar.

–Amy Winehouse on SNL next week! Have you SEEN the videos of her moving on stage? I have never seen anything so bizarre. Come off the crack honey, we miss you. (MOM: listen to that album before SNL!)

–Today I was reminded yet again of why I hate running in DC. Chicago is blessedly flat, but my neighborhood is on a hill, and all the quiet, smog-free streets run downhill and the busy ones go uphill. Whenever I get a leeeeeeeeetle bit of willpower to run outside, it gets torpedoed by this fact. Today I was extra-dumbass and ran in the spaghetti tangle of streets that is the Adams Mill area, and got stuck at the bottom of a hill just as I was getting tired. (The hill Dr. Birdcage used to live on.) Yes, I could run across the bridge, but I walk that way TWICE A FRICKING DAY, and I am so over it by now. (Hyuk!) I wish I had a good elevation map of my area so I could plan routes.


5 Responses to “Sunday miscellaneous”

  1. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    Yes, that hill will suck you down and keep you there. Best option from there is to go into the zoo and run gradually up until you come out on Connecticut, then down and back across the Duke Ell.

  2. techne Says:

    Oh, that is too far for out-of-shape me right now. I think I will just suck it up and run over the bridge a few times until I get some stamina up for a zoo run!

    Or hmm. I could run to Woodley, take the metro to Cleveland Park and run home.

  3. Chaf Says:

    I can’t recommend a good topo-map source, but there’s a nice “graph the elevation” feature for the route you draw in, which at the least can help you know what a prospective route is going to do…

  4. Eric B Says:

    I just bought a pomegranate yesterday. I’ve been adding them to smoothies.

  5. techne Says:

    I usually use the 100% unsweetened juice stuff for smoothies…

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