Easily impressed, or, it’s the little things

25 November, 2007


No point in regaling you with the story of my holiday travels. You don’t care, and nothing bad/funny/interesting happened to me, anyway. So I’ll just tell you about the wine bar at BWI that restored my soul:

Wine bar at BWI

Click through and you can also read about how much I love Southwest. I even love the unassigned seats!


As I deplaned* at BWI, a boy no more than three years old caught sight of me. His eyes went wide, he pointed and yelled at the top of his lungs “aaaaah!!” Disconcerting. Then again, each time more and more excited: “Aaaaaaah!! AAAAAH!!”

I was the first adult around to figure it out: I was wearing my red Incredibles logo shirt.

I saw it last year, but you know, you forget exactly how it goes, and these things make bigger impressions on kids anyway. Having happened to catch it on network tonight**, however, I had a new appreciation of just how impressed that kid was.


*What a dumb word.

**This is the first time I have watched a non-“Ten Commandments” movie on network this millennium. Or longer.


3 Responses to “Easily impressed, or, it’s the little things”

  1. DancerInDC Says:

    Shut up – a WINE BAR? I think I just decided to fly out of BWI for Christmas!

  2. Momb Says:

    That’s very funny! What did you say to the kid? “Hi, I’m Mrs. Incredible, what’s your name?”

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