Superbowl Stupidblogging

3 February, 2008

6:30 Stupid truck ads. Centrifuges have to be balanced or they will not spin.

6:34 Stupid me. I put too much sour cream in Liz’s Evil Dip.

6:38 Rescinded! Checked the recipe, and that was the right amount of sour cream I put in. …wait, I’m still stupid for making it at all. My arteries clog whenever I look in its direction.

6:40 Stupid East Coast. As a Midwesterner, I hate it when sports playoffs come down to New York vs Boston. Give me a goddamn break. Red Giants vs. the New Yankees BLAH BLAH BLAH. There are OTHER RIVALRIES OUT THERE, yo. cubfan63 is rooting for “a tie with lots of injuries.” Me, I am rooting for the Giants, because I like the song they ran out on the field to better than I like the Patriots’ song. (Kanye West’s “Stronger” vs. some Black Sabbath or whatever.)

7:03 Stupid Derek Jeter.

7:24 Why are there always so many job site ads during Superbowls?

7:30 Racial stereotypes much, Bud Light?!

7:30:20 (I must remember that I am not the target demo for Anheuser-Busch.)

7:41 Justin Timberlake rocks.

8:04 OK, people were bitching about Prince’s guitar being too phallic??!

8:06 Srsly, though. It’s a FLYING PENIS. That pierced a pink heart.

8:32 The head-shrinker commercial made me laugh so hard I cried. Reaganite thinks I’m insane.

8:39 Maria Shriver endorsed Obama three days after Arnold endorsed McCain? (DC football.)

9:13 Ha! The Frist-Carville ad rocks. Those Segway tours are awesome.

9:39 One reason I seldom watch football is that it makes me feel 10 IQ points stupider.

9:44 Still laughing at the “tiny head” line from the ad.

10:10 Now, THAT is why I watch playoff games even when I don’t care!

10:16 Of course, the shout-outs to the Polo Grounds and Yankee Stadium do irritate.


5 Responses to “Superbowl Stupidblogging”

  1. HA..everyone said i was just “frustrated” when i pointed out the flying penis!!

  2. Mintyfresh Says:

    The *second* I saw the “arrow,” I shouted (to Mawrter friends, natch) “ohmigod, there’s a PENIS on the field, and it is about to PENETRATE that heart”

  3. cubfan63 Says:

    New York beats Boston – just another sporting event to reinforce Eastcosters beliefs that there is nothing but prairie west of Philadelphia.

  4. “New York beats Boston – just another sporting event to reinforce Eastcosters beliefs that there is nothing but prairie west of Philadelphia.”

    You mean that’s not true?

  5. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    I totally missed the penis. I did, however, catch Eli Manning giving the dumbest, most incomprehensible acceptance speech I’ve ever seen, the gist of which appeared to be that he was happy to be in his current position, and even happier that they had had the ball.

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