The best feeling in research

22 February, 2008

When your experiment succeeds late on a Friday! Sends you home right!

(The worst feeling: well, you can figure it out.)

Aaaaah, what a nice feeling. I’ve been out of it, lab-wise, for weeks. This week I finally snap into what’s going on, step on people’s toes in my struggle to make them explain it to me, and in two days I’ve solved a problem that had been tripping the lab up for weeks.

That’s just how I roll.

(And now off I go to my phone-less, internet-less home, and neighbors who practice good wireless network security techniques. Damn them! Damn you, Verizon! Goodbye, sweet Internets…)


5 Responses to “The best feeling in research”

  1. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    Yeay! And why no internets? Who cut the tube?

  2. Momb Says:

    What happened to your phone???

  3. Momb Says:

    Wait a minute…if you don’t have phone, and you don’t have Eeeenternet, how do we reach out and touch you????

  4. techne Says:

    All is better now! I replaced the tube. I had no dial tone and they said it was my fault, so I got a new jack.

    (You know what they say about the right tool for the right job? Yeah, it takes a long time to strip wires with a razor blade.)

  5. Momb Says:

    Hey, the razor blade is the best tool in my toolbox!

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