some kind of rubicon

1 April, 2008

A genetic test for the variant I published on last year is now available.

OK so that’s the background, now:

Not sure how I feel about this. Or even what to say.  Well, I should get to work anyway.  Finding the next gene 🙂


3 Responses to “some kind of rubicon”

  1. Et al. Says:

    It’s so fabulous when academic journals are actually used for real-world, productive use.

    There are so many people going around assuming that nothing ever comes of academic research, and all this research funding is money wasted. It’d be great if our paper were used to diagnose some of them as bipolar.

  2. techne Says:

    real-world productive use? You mean, making money?

  3. cubfan63 Says:

    What, no by line?
    “Gene found by Dr. Bamber”
    Do you get royalties for everyone who has this gene?

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