A first

21 June, 2009

I finished the Sunday NYT crossword puzzle! On Sunday! I finished one once before, but it took a few days of revisits.

I am pretty psyched about this. Growing up, the Sunday puzzles (NYT and the Chicago papers) were a family affair. My mom and I would work on one until we got stuck, and then we’d swap. (We’d ask my stepdad for sports clues, but the answer we got depended on his mood–he is prone to making things up. Thanks for giving me the right answer today, though!)

Now to read the, you know, news.


2 Responses to “A first”

  1. pennifer Says:

    That’s exciting! I miss getting the Sunday NYT. It takes regular practice doing that puzzle, I find, to actually finish one every now and then.

  2. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    I had a boyfriend when I was in film school who used to do that thing every Sunday in under an hour. I found it pathological (one reason why I broke up with him. Also, his mother was b-a-t-s-h-*-t-c-r-a-z-y). Of course, I’ve never managed to finish a crossword puzzle, ever. So I’m impressed!

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