magic dust

8 February, 2007

Well, this week has been too busy for blogging. I’m submitting a paper in the next few days, after which I’ll have so much time I won’t know what to do with myself.

I’ll probably do some yoga. I finally started going to classes at a local studio, and it’s more enjoyable than I’d expected.  Sadly, the paper is getting in the way of me going as often as I’d like. Also there’s the issue of my kit, which I have not quite worked out. While a towel would work for a lot of things, the nonstick nature of yoga mats is useful, although overhyped since a little bit of palm sweat makes them just about the same slickness as a standard wood floor. Oh well, I got one for free, thanks E. As for clothes, I thought I could use my general Bulldog/running stuff, but it turns out my lightweight/summer tops (it’s 80+ deg in the yoga studio) are too baggy and get in the way, and also aren’t very absorbent, meaning your mat gets even slicker. Annoying. Then I had an epiphany: all my workout clothes are for running, but yoga is not high-impact; they’re overkill. I don’t need to wear shirts over heavy-duty sports bras, I can get away with loosely supportive tank top things on their own, they just have to keep the girls moderately out of the way. So down I went to Fleet Feet (the local, Fenty-owned Fleet Feet) to see what I could find.

I found Magic Yoga Dust. It was not unfamiliar: in my bridesmaid duties for friends I became acquainted with Magic Bride Dust, which gets sprinkled on things like accessories and white shoes and flower arrangements, making them 3x as expensive as unsprinkled accessories and white shoes and flowers because they are For A Wedding! So I already kind of expected that I’d find Magic Yoga Dust — the hobby is simply too mainstream for it to be otherwise, and it is practiced by almost exactly the same demographic that falls prey to M.B.D. Well, I did find a non-yoga top that would suit my purposes, on sale even, and also on the sale rack were some way comfy yoga pants which had had some of the dust shaken off them.

Unfortunately, I did fall victim to some M.Y.D., and picked up a special yoga top which was NOT on sale. Sigh. In my defense, it has the cutest little diamond-shaped cutout section in the back. Very sexy. (Because you know, that should be a yogic practice priority. Especially for new people, like me; it’s much more fetching to watch people wobble precariously through poorly-executed asanas when you can see 20 square inches of their upper back.)

While I’m bitching about yoga products, I really wish this top were red or something instead of this pale silvery blue almost-white color. Of all the styles of yoga tops there, the strongest color they had was periwinkle.

Oh even more frustrating! Going to the website reveals that they make the top in orange, my other favorite color! I re-direct my fist shaking to the buyers at Fleet Feet. The fuck use do I have for this color? White I get, gray I get, silver I sorta get, but this?

Hey, it’s almost bridal…..can you have DOUBLE magic dust?? There’s a scary thought. I’ll stop whining now, and just be glad I escaped a double markup.