7 June, 2009

OK, take two.

So, how you doin’?  Anyone with me still in their RSS, please comment.  Me, I’ve been fine.

Fine! Ha!  Let’s see, my last real post, not counting Cubs angst…around a year ago…hmm, not as bad as I’d thought.

Too much has happened for a wordy catch-up post.  The bullet list of major recent changes:

  • got back with Reaganite, shacked up, moved to new neighborhood, downsized cats to one
  • left job/career/identity of 10 years for new job/career/identity
  • left old job’s 15″ MacBookPro for new iPhone, iMac
  • denouement of family suicide #2 (terminal cancer) included modest financial security
  • sister: bought a horse, moved to Montana, is now leaving Montana
  • parents: both moved to Kalamazoo (that may have happened before my hiatus)

It’s been a lot to deal with. Work is the biggest adjustment. I work for the government now. I’m no longer a Scientist. Work doesn’t have to rule my life–there is just not enough to it for that. But it’s surprisingly hard to change old habits.

While not everyone had to have a blog back in the day, in the last year twitter and facebook seem to have become de rigeur for everyone. I’m there (under this handle, of course). But neither are quite my form. For one, you can’t do them on the Metro with an iPhone. And it drives me NUTS that I can’t categorize incoming updates.  To have posts from good buddies buried amidst posts from people I haven’t spoken to in 15 years is frustrating.  Not to mention the twitter phenomenon of following businesses, blogs, celebrities, etc.  Is there a way to do this that I’ve missed? Can anyone advise?

So back to blogging. I think I will have a pattern of only lightly edited midi-posts, maybe an occasional longer one.  You can expect to see

  • more Metro observations/griping
  • evolving obsessions
  • more work-life balance observations/griping



6 Responses to “Hi.”

  1. pennifer Says:

    Still here on RSS – glad to see you back here! So addicted to GoogleReader. Don’t do twitter because It’s Just Too Much, but FB – check (hate the same things you do) and the Alternalist – check. I resurrected my LJ blog after a long hiatus as a place to post news I’m tracking, at least until I have time for anything better.

  2. liz Says:

    Tweet Deck! Why is sister leaving Montana?????

  3. nora Says:

    always fun to see you pop up in googlereader!

  4. Dr. Birdcage Says:

    Dr. Scientist! Whether you are being a scientist or not, you will always be Dr. Scientist to me 🙂 We need to actually catch up, girl! I’ll be at Artomatic on Sat. for meet the artist night. Come down!! I’ve missed you!

  5. Chaf Says:

    Still in my RSS!

    Thought of you earlier today while reading a pointless online controversy about whether or when PhDs should be addressed as “Doctor.”

  6. Mick Says:

    I’m still here 🙂

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